Buildings & labor

SC Ports have what most port markets don’t right now … millions of square feet of Class A buildings available now with a robust labor force well-suited to jobs in a modern distribution center.

Spec buildings
ready now

Leading industrial developers are investing heavily in spec buildings near SC Port facilities for all the right reasons. That means we have a wide variety of buildings from 100,000sf single-loaders to 500,000sf cross-dock that are ready for occupancy right now and more coming.

The labor you need

South Carolina, including our near port markets, have a low-unionization rate (2.7%), a strong work ethic, a combination of urban and rural workforces that can offer counter cyclical availability, and affordable wages for material handlers.

Low operating costs

Your margins are low. Your expectations are high. We get it. Which is why South Carolina is an outstanding location for your next port-dependent investment. It’s the perfect combination of low-cost and high-performance.

 Minimal expense, maximum reach

Operating a 500,000 sf DC near SC Ports is about half the annual cost of the same operation in California’s Inland Empire and substantially less than other port markets on the East Coast and the Lehigh Valley.

Fast, low-cost inland reach

Our port locations are ideal for efficiently reaching the highest number of major metro areas and consumers in the region. 72 Million consumers live within 500 miles of the Port of Charleston. 92 Million within 500 miles of Inland Port Greer. We have ample truckers, 5-interstate highways, and intermodal connectivity to the major markets east of the Mississippi River.